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Lepokorpi is a high end niche womenswear line, with an aim to revive an appreciation for craft and slowly produced garments.  The perceived and practical value of ancient folk costumes, where themanufacturing process begun from the level of textile, was very different than that of most garments produced today. Designer Saara Lepokorpi has chosen to apply this ancient process onto modern clothing. She spends long hours tucked away in her studio in Helsinki, where she keeps developing new types of textiles, patterns, finishes and garments - thus surrounding herself with an alternative tactile universe. Recently she has specialized in a type of textile she calls unwovens, which resemble an unwoven warp on a loom. The technique lends itself to whole panels of special textile material, as well as unique embroideries. Lepokorpi relaunched with an updated concept in the AW15 season, and has since been represented by sales agency Florence Deschamps in Paris. The collections have been featured in magazines such as W, Womens Wear Daily and Vogue Italia, and are stocked by high end stores all over the world, including Dover Street Market in London and H. Lorenzo in West Hollywood.

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