Pre Helsinki is a platform that promotes and supports the most creative and talented Finnish fashion designers and brands. It is the premier organisation focusing on the internationalisation and export of Finnish fashion – the heart and nurturer of Finnish fashion design.


Pre Helsinki creates networking opportunities for the designers and fashion brands it represents, and discussing the new perimeters and frontiers of fashion.

Beyond this the main focus of Pre Helsinki is exporting Finnish fashion culture and channeling funding to the industry.


Pre Helsinki organises an annual event in Helsinki, participates with the designers to Paris Fashion Week and organises matchmaking programs in Europe and Asia. Pre Helsinki has been working on fields ranging from fundraising to marketing, and from event planning to production since 2013 with cooperators, partners and media worldwide, communicating the unique experience behind the Finnish fashion phenomenon.


The annual Pre Helsinki festival, held at the end of May each year, has organically grown into a “Helsinki Fashion Week” and gathers an international group of press, buyers and other professionals in the field of fashion to Helsinki. Visitors have included representatives from media such as Numero, Dazed and Confused, Showstudio, Interview, WWD, Elle Italy, Vogue Italy, and professionals from the international fashion field, such as Jonathan Anderson and Benjamin Bruno from J.W.Anderson, sound artist Michel Gaubert, Leaf Greener from Elle China, Sara Maino from Vogue Italia,  Candy Magazine’s Luis Venegas, Dan Thawley from A Magazine – Curated by Milliner Stephen Jones.


The first Pre Helsinki event was organised in May 2013.

The next Pre Helsinki festival takes place in late May 2017. The fashion event is an umbrella that brings together the peak of Finnish fashion talent in shows, presentations, pop-up stores, exhibitions as well as other events.

Pre Helsinki are

Satu Maaranen

Creative Director, Co-Founder

Maija Juutilainen

PR and Marketing Director, Partner

Laura Väinölä

Brand Director, Event Manager, Partner


Pre Helsinki


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